UNIQ Spring

Please note that UNIQ Spring has now passed for 2018. UNIQ Spring will continue to run in 2019 and more information will be available later in the year.

UNIQ Spring is a multiday residential event held in the Easter holidays. Students come to stay in Oxford, attending a short programme of academic and university admissions sessions, followed by social activities in the evenings. Students get to experience life at the University of Oxford, comprehensive admissions advice and a taste of the degree programmes offered here that are related to their interests.

Academic Programme

You’ll attend a full day of academic sessions based on an area of your interests, and get to experience a range of different subjects within that discipline. There are so many different degree programmes on offer at undergraduate level, some of them you may never even have heard of before, so UNIQ Spring is a great opportunity to try something new.

Admissions Support

UNIQ Spring offers participants a full day of intensive lectures and workshops with Oxford University admissions staff and student ambassadors who’ve been through the process themselves. We cover personal statements, admissions tests, written work and interviews. As well as participating in structured sessions you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss things throughout the day.