Beginners' Languages

Must be studying at least one language to A2
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1 in 3
15 July - 20 July 2018

The UNIQ Beginners' Languages Course is a wonderful opportunity to experience what it would be like to study a language from scratch at university. Just as for current students, your week will involve language classes, lectures, seminars and tutorials as well as opportunity for private study in the world-class libraries in Oxford, such as the Taylorian Modern Languages Library and the Bodleian Library.

For the first three days you will attend language classes for Portuguese, Italian, and Russian; languages which many students begin studying at Oxford. You will also have lectures which offer an insight into the breadth of fascinating topics you could explore as a language student. These lectures could be on subjects as diverse as Brazilian fiction writing, 19th century Russian poetry, or Italian film.

As well as having the opportunity to get a feel for what each of the languages has to offer, you will spend the last two days focusing on one of the three in more depth. You will have further classes and time for more detailed discussion when you have a tutorial or seminar in small groups. This provides an opportunity to explore material and topics for yourselfs and then to discuss your ideas with specialists in their fields.

The course offers the chance to experience the range of skills and interests you would be able to explore and develop if you were to study a beginners' language at Oxford, and to hear about the courses directly from current students and the tutors who teach them.