Which composer is said to have worn silk underwear when orchestrating his later works? How do our ears help us to work out where sounds are coming from? And who says we can’t play Bach with the pedal down? These are the sorts of questions you can expect to answer on the UNIQ Summer School’s Music course.


The week you’ll spend in Oxford is packed with music. You’ll be taken above and beyond anything you’ve done in your current courses at school. With access to the amazing libraries here, you get an insight into the diverse field of scholarly thought on the subject. Throughout the week, you’ll attend a selection of lectures and seminars, just like Oxford undergraduates. Last year, lectures focused on topics ranging from analysing Baroque keyboard music to perceiving space in recorded pop songs. 


You get a chance to perform, to compose, and to write a musicological essay, receiving advice and feedback on all of your efforts from the Oxford tutors. The majority of topics discussed during the week are taken straight from the undergraduate course here, so you’ll be able to judge whether it’s right for you. That said, you don’t need to worry about preparing for UNIQ in advance: the tutors will help you to get to grips with all of the trickier bits.


You’ll leave UNIQ as a competent researcher and a critical thinker. Your head will be filled with new ideas and questions on topics you didn’t even know existed. And to make sure you don’t feel the post-UNIQ blues too greatly, you get an extensive reading list and some free books to go away with and read further into the subject.

Course Details and Requirements
23 July - 28 July 2017
14 places available
Studying Music to A2 required
Places to Applicants: 1 in 6
Typical Lessons for this course
Analysing Baroque keyboard music
Composing and Performing
Music Psychology
Music History