Middle Eastern Languages

Studying a language to A2 can be helpful with this course
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1 in 3
30 June - 4 July

Do you love learning languages? Do you love a challenge? And are you interested in the literature, culture, religions and history of the Middle East? If so, then this course is the one for you.

This UNIQ course gives students the opportunity to learn the basics of Hebrew, Persian and Turkish - three of the major languages of the contemporary Middle East. You will have intensive classes in language, in reading and interpreting texts (in translation), and lectures on aspects of Jewish, Persian and Turkish history and culture. You will be set an essay to complete on one of the topics covered in the lectures or classes, which you will then discuss in an Oxford-style tutorial. This is a fantastic opportunity, not only to discover what learning is like in Oxford, but also to get a taste of three very different Middle Eastern languages, and to work on a topic in depth with an Oxford academic who is a specialist in that subject.

You will also have tours of the Middle Eastern treasures of the Bodleian Library and Ashmolean Museum, led by the specialist staff who care for these collections. And in addition you will get a valuable insight into the admissions process for Oriental Studies at Oxford and the OLAT exam.

This course gives you a good insight into what it is like to study a Middle Eastern language from scratch here at Oxford, and gives you a taste of the breadth of an Oriental Studies degree.