Studying one Science subject and Maths to A2
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21 - 25 July

U.S. President Nixon waged war on cancer in 1971. Over 40 years on, a concerted effort from millions of scientists has propelled Oncology, the study of cancer and its treatment, to its current state. Whilst we have made significant progress towards this goal of eradicating cancer, we have now realised that cancer is not just one disease. It is over 200 different diseases, with a multitude of causes, prognoses, and treatment options.

Advances in this field therefore rely not just on medical professionals, but on a huge interdisciplinary team of scientists. All are welcome: physicists working on radiotherapy and new ways to visualise tumours inside people, chemists and pharmacologists discovering the latest drugs, biochemists examining the interactions between cellular molecules, statisticians ensuring that drug trials are statistically significant, and epidemiologists who try to find the causes of cancer.

Set in the research facilities for the study of cancer, the UNIQ Oncology course consists of lectures, seminars, and practical sessions looking at cellular and cancer biology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, epidemiology, immunotherapy and clinical trials.

During the week, UNIQ Oncology students will be able to explore the fascinating field of Oncology, a subject only offered at graduate level at the University of Oxford. Whilst it is not a subject that can be studied at an undergraduate level, sixth formers who are interested in a career in medical research will find this an engaging course and will leave with a greater understanding of cancer and its treatment.