Here are the top things you need to know about UNIQ 2021:

  • UNIQ 2021 is an online programme that helps students prepare for University and explore subjects that interest them.
  • UNIQ 2021 takes into account the disrupted learning students have suffered over the past year
  • UNIQ gives students the opportunity to find out if Oxford is right for them.
  • Students get to know our Oxford undergraduates and work with our academics
  • UNIQ enables students with similar interests in local regions and across the UK, to connect with each other through social and academic activities
  • UNIQ is a free programme and applications open 10 February and close 15 March.
  • Applying to UNIQ via our website is very simple and takes about 10 minutes.
  • UNIQ is open to students attending UK state schools and selection considers students’ school grades and their socio economic and educational background.
  • This year we are offering 2,500 places on UNIQ – we think this is probably the biggest access programme offered by a single UK university.
  • UNIQ offers will be announced by April 2021.
  • UNIQ starts in April and offers sustained support for students over several months.
  • Most UNIQ students decide to apply to Oxford and also get help to prepare for admissions tests and interviews.

What will I be doing on UNIQ 2021?

UNIQ 2021 is an online programme that will help you explore subjects that interest you and to prepare for University. During UNIQ we will introduce you to students and academics from the University of Oxford. We hope that once you have got to know more about us, you will want to apply to Oxford and our extended UNIQ programme will support you through the application process.


UNIQ 2021 launches with an online event during the Easter Holidays. This event will welcome you into the UNIQ family and give you the chance to meet current Oxford students as well as other UNIQ participants. You will definitely meet new friends and you may even meet the people you will be studying alongside in Oxford next year!


Starting in the May half term, this module is all about exploring a new subject, having some fun and learning to think like an Oxford student. Let’s Oxplore has been specially designed for UNIQ students and will help you build a portfolio of super curricular activities that you can use in future university applications. Support is on hand through May from Oxford undergrads to guide you through and you can also chat to other UNIQ students about your discoveries.


In June, you can start to access our Oxford is… activities through the UNIQ online portal. This is when you will find out more about what life as an Oxford students is like, about how Oxford is a place that you can be you, that Oxford is a place you could try out something new or excel at your current talents and also is a place that can prepare you for your future. (We will also provide information for your teachers and families.)


In July, we run our UNIQ subject courses. This year we are offering a number of combined courses alongside about 30 single subject courses. Combined courses are a great choice if you are not 100% sure which course is right for you. Some UNIQ courses are even more oversubscribed than some university courses, so we also offer places on combined courses to able students who have applied to these courses.

As everyone has missed a lot of school this year, we will provide additional support and guidance for UNIQ participants before these course start, so you can feel confident that you will be ready to take part in your academic courses. And our student ambassadors will also be on hand to advise and support you.


We hope that most people on UNIQ will apply to Oxford, and if you decide to do so, this is when we can help you make the best application possible. We will give opportunities to write a great personal statement, practice admissions tests and help you prepare for interviews. If it is safe to do so, we would like to invite you to visit Oxford as part of this module.

AND BEYOND – We hope that your participation in this programme will help you gain an offer to study at Oxford University and if you do we will be here to support you through the transition to University life. May be one day you can help us run UNIQ for other students?

  • For more information on the the selection criteria for UNIQ and to make an application click here.