The UNIQ Law course will include taster lectures to give you an introduction to some of the broad range of topics that you will encounter during a Law degree, as well as a more detailed lecture on an area of law which will form the basis of your tutorial. The tutorial is one of the most valuable aspects of the UNIQ Law course: you and three other students will have the opportunity to discuss a real legal issue with an Oxford academic. On the UNIQ Law programme you will not submit an essay but you will instead participate in a moot, which is similar to a mock trial or a debate on a point of law.

The UNIQ Law course is a great experience for anyone with an interest in law, whether or not you want to pursue a legal career. Studying law draws on a range of skills from the humanities and from the sciences but is quite unlike any other A level subjects, making the UNIQ Law course ideal for anyone who wants to try something new. The course is equally accessible to everyone, no matter which A Levels you are studying. You will gain skills in developing your own arguments, thinking analytically about challenging issues, and understanding new material, as well as useful information about a range of legal careers. If you enjoy debating and discussing real life issues, or you love grappling with complex problems which affect everyone in society, then you will love the UNIQ Law course.

Course Details and Requirements
This subject runs on two individual weeks
02 July - 07 July 2017 OR 16 July - 21 July 2017
30 places available each week (60 in total)
No specific subject requirement
Places to Applicants: 1 in 7
Typical Lessons for this course
Causation in Criminal Law
Roman Law
Use and Abuse of the Corporate Form