Oxford Glossary

Bodleian Library
Also known as ‘the Bod’. The largest of the University’s libraries. Many buildings make up the Bodleian Libraries including the Radcliffe Camera.

There are four academic divisions – Humanities; Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences; Medical Sciences; and Social Sciences.

The senior members of college who, together with the college head, constitute the governing body of the college. 

Formal Hall
A traditional meal held in college. Formal attire and/or gowns may be worn, and guests may be invited.

JCR (Junior Common Room)
Formal undergraduate student organisation of a college, similar in nature to a Students Union, the hub of undergraduate social activity and a location in a college for student recreation.

Lecturers are those who have the responsibility to present lectures, to which all University students in that discipline may go. In Oxford, not all lecturers are Fellows of colleges.

Oxford University Student Union.

Someone who teaches students on an individual basis or in pairs. They act as both a teacher and an academic guide.

Undergraduates attend, on average, one hour-long tutorial every week, either on a one-to-one basis or with one or two other students. Students must undertake a considerable number of hours’ preparatory work for each tutorial, including background reading, essay-writing and problem-solving.