Church Service
Students who usually attend a church service on Sunday will not have time to do so when they arrive in Oxford. If students would like to attend church on Sunday, they will need to make arrangements to do this before they set off on their journey to Oxford.
Many of the UNIQ weeks run within the period of Ramadan. For students observing Ramadan we provide breakfast packs for the early morning, 9pm evening meals on behalf of the Islamic Society and a lunch voucher that allows students to purchase food to eat later.
We provide opportunities for students to perform this religious duty throughout the day. We ask that students notify their ambassadors on arrival on how strict they are with timings as this will determine where you will be able to perform the prayer.
There is no guarantee that Halal produce is provided at colleges during your stay on UNIQ as each college operates its own catering services. The college will always inform you of the food available for meals and the restrictions on them. All colleges provide a vegetarian option for meals.
Blood Transfusions
In the unlikely event that a student may require a blood transfusion or other serious medical operation and that the student/parents would not wish for this to occur, we ask that you inform UNIQ on accepting your place and we will send you a waiver to complete and return to us.

Please note that any service highlighted above can only be provided if the student informs us of their requirements once they gain a place.

We believe that we have a fair and open policy with regards to accommodating religious beliefs during a student’s stay with us. We believe the rules above provide clear opportunities for students to observe their faith within the confines of a very hectic timetable.