As the oldest university in the English speaking world, the University of Oxford is well known for its long-standing traditions and academic prestige, being consistently among the top universities in world rankings. In 2016, Oxford was placed at world number one in the Times Higher Education World Rankings.


So, as you might expect, the academic programme is intensive. At UNIQ, you will be challenged to work at the level of a first-year Oxford undergraduate. Courses are taught by some of the best academics in your field of study and will push you beyond the school curriculum to encourage you to think critically and work independently.


University study is quite different to the way of learning you may be used to at your school or college. At university, you will be expected to explore your subject of study in- depth and will be required to independently research aspects of it through your own wider reading of relevant texts. You will also find that at university, your peers will be similarly gifted and may share your interests- which makes sense if you have chosen the same university and (perhaps) the same course!


The programme has been designed to challenge you academically, get you thinking critically about your subject and engage you in new topics and ways of seeing things. Your UNIQ course will give you a realistic insight into the demands of degree level study at Oxford and other competitive universities, as well as a taste of university life more generally.



‘I don't think I quite understood how hungry I was to learn until going on the summer school; none of the 13 lectures I attended felt like a chore, and I felt like I had gained something from each of the lectures I went to. I suppose it helps when you're being taught by world-class academics! I had been mildly dreading the tutorial but it turned out to be my favourite academic activity of the week when it dawned on me that it would essentially be a stimulating conversation between people truly passionate about their subjects’.

Mia, PPE