During the UNIQ Summer School participants will be given an idea of exactly what they can expect from an undergraduate degree in Theology.


Participants explore a range of subjects alongside Theology, including history, philosophy, literature, and languages.  Participants are introduced to a range of subject areas, including Christianity and Witchcraft, Philosophy and Religion, Biblical archaeology, and an introduction to one of the many languages on offer studying the course.


Throughout the week, students are encouraged to explore and research their own topic to be discussed in a tutorial with graduate students and academics.

Course Details and Requirements
02 July - 07 July 2017
15 places available
An essay based subject like English or History is useful but not essential
You do not have to have a religious affiliation to study this course
Places to Applicants: 1 in 4
Typical Lessons for this course
The Existence of God
The Functions of Religion
Biblical archaeology