During your week with us, you will participate in a range of social activities alongside the academic programme. You will also receive information and advice on Oxford admissions and support that would be avaliable to you as an Oxford student.


Academic Programme

Your academic timetable has been created by Oxford lecturers and tutors to give you an idea of what university study is like. In addition to lectures and seminars, you may also be asked to prepare some independent work for a tutorial at the end of the week. Tutorials are an individual or small group discussion with an academic where a topic will be discussed in detail. Although academic sessions are demanding, they are also fun and your chosen subject will be presented in new and engaging ways.


Advice on Admissions

We provide information during UNIQ which may be helpful should you decide to make an application on Oxford. You can attend dedicated sessions on Oxford interviews, personal statements and tests. You will also have the opportunity to find out more about Student Finance and the bursaries and financial support avaliable to you as an Oxford student.  


Social Programme

 It’s not all study. An exciting part of university life is the number of new societies, activities and sports you can try. Outside of lectures and seminars on UNIQ, there will be a stimulating programme of social activities in which you will be encouraged to participate and interact with students outside of your course and college group. There will also be free time, where you can choose to study if you wish or explore Oxford with your new friends.


College Life

At Oxford, all undergraduate students are attached to a college. The University has over 30 colleges that provide academic and pastoral support to their undergraduate students. As a student on UNIQ, you will also benefit from this experience - by allocating all of our students to a college, we hope to give you an idea of what the college atmosphere is like. After all, it is one of the aspects of studying at Oxford which make it different from most other universities! As well as students on your course, you will be living in college with UNIQ students studying a range of other subjects too, giving you an excellent opportunity to meet people and make friends outside of your subject area. UNIQ Site Managers and Ambassadors will also be resident in your college and will be on duty 24 hours a day to create a safe and comfortable enviroment for you. As current Oxford students, they can also provide a fantastic insight into the colleges and university life in general.



A Typical Day

 8-9 am  Breakfast: breakfast will be provided in your college each morning.
9am-12pm  Academic programme: you’ll have a morning of lectures, seminars or workshops in your course groups.
12-1pm  Lunch: time to grab lunch (vouchers provided) and explore the city.
1-5pm  Academic programme: back for an afternoon of more lectures, seminars and workshops.
5-6pm  Optional college tours: UNIQ Ambassadors will show you around some of the University’s colleges and give you the lowdown on college life.
6-7pm  Dinner in your college hall: after a hard day’s work, you’ll be ready for dinner (don’t forget to tell us in advance if you have any dietary requirements!).
7-9pm  Social programme: sports in the park, a comedy night, salsa dancing- you’ll have loads of fun and it’s a great opportunity to meet people from different colleges and courses.
9-11pm  Chill out: after a packed day of activities, you’ll have some time in college to chill out or to study.
11pm  Lights out: time for bed! You’ll need a good night’s rest so you can do it all again tomorrow!