Personal Statement

Why do I have to write a personal statement?

We ask for a personal statement from every student who applies to UNIQ for two reasons:

  1. It’s part of the selection criteria. Entrance to UNIQ is competitive and a personal statement can often help us pick between similar applicants.
  2. It’s excellent practice for a UCAS application. Many of our past applicants were really glad they had gone through the process of writing a personal statement when they later applied to university.


I have never written a personal statement before

We understand that many students will have never attempted to write a personal statement before and we bear this in mind when we read them. If you are struggling to decide what to write we have a few tips below:



*  Your statement should be at a minimum 80% academic and 20% hobbies. The more academic content in your personal statement the better.

*  Express why you want to come on the schools, what are you hoping to achieve from it? Be yourself!

*  What interests you about the subject you picked?

*  Include aspects of subject related academia that you have done outside of school, this can include work experience, book reading, lectures.

*  Tell us about anything that shows us your enthusiasm for an area of study.

*  EXPLAIN your points. Please do not simply say you liked/like something.

*  We like OPINIONS, whether you agree or disagree with something is great - We want to hear about it.

*  Use PLAIN ENGLISH. Try not to use complex words for the sake of it.

*  Extenuating circumstances can be included in the personal statement in brief. No more than one or two sentences.



*  Listing your qualifications. We can already see them and it will cut down space for the rest of your statement.

*  Using more than one quote. This might be the spark for your interest in a subject, but ultimately we learn more from reading your own ideas and opinions. 

*  Using the word 'passionate' without the reasoning/evidence behind it. Show us how or why something makes you passionate about a subject. 

*  Writing only a few sentences and then pressing submit. We ask for 1,500 characters which is about half a page - this should be relatively easy to achieve.

*  Writing your personal statement for both first and second choices. We will focus entirely on your first choice option so please write exclusively for this.

*  Making statements with no qualification.  "I am the greatest academic student in my college ever" is not relevant or helpful to us. 

*  Talking about sports or hobbies too much. It's more important to use the space to demonstrate your love of learning.

*  Making lists. Pick and choose carefully what you place in the statement to reflect your interest for the course and write in well constructed prose.


Submitting your personal statement

All personal statements are to be submitted online via our application system. We do not accept any personal statements via email or other sources.


The personal statement must not be longer than 1,500 characters - this includes spaces, carriage returns and punctuation. You are not required to utilise all 1,500 characters. 


However, if you go over this limit, the system will cut your application short. We advise all students to prepare their personal statement in word processing software before starting their online application.


We also recommend that you have another person proof-read your personal statement, however if they are to do this please ask them to read the points above so they can also identify what we are looking for in a personal statement.