History: The Pre-Modern World

Studying History to A2 is highly recommended
30 June - 4 July

History: The Pre-Modern World exposes you to ground-breaking research that will extend your historical interests far beyond the school curriculum. We often assume that global migration and trade is a modern phenomenon. Global Encounters reveals how wrong this assumption is.

The course focuses on encounters that took place in the centuries before 1800 as people, goods, and ideas moved across oceans, around empires, and between continents. It shows us how we can think in new ways about the medieval and early modern period when we approach it through these connected histories.

To develop your skills as an historian, you will have the chance to participate in lectures, discussion classes, museum visits, and independent research. You will be supported to write a short essay about an aspect of the course that has particularly inspired you. Lectures and discussion classes will explore how ideas about religion, race, culture, and identity were communicated - and challenged and changed - as they moved across the globe.

Students will engage with texts, pictures and objects from the exciting collections held at Oxford University. These primary sources will bring to light the experiences of people who set out to travel across Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and America.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently discuss your essay's argument within a small tutorial group. This will give you a real insight into what makes studying history as an undergraduate student at Oxford so rewarding and inspiring.