Archaeology and Anthropology

A* grades are not essential. This course would suit those studying arts and science subjects and there is no specific combination of subjects required for admission.
21 - 25 July

Working together, Archaeology and Anthropology explore how humans evolved, how human societies have changed over time, and how and why contemporary people do things the way that they do. As archaeologists we look into deep history comparing cultural practices over time, while as anthropologists we look at present day societies across the globe. If you are interested in human diversity, and in questions about what humans have in common but also what differentiates them from one another, then Archaeology and Anthropology is the course for you!

During the UNIQ we will focus on the broad theme of food and drink. Some of the questions you will explore include: What may our ancestors have eaten and how did they prepare their foods? Why do all societies think some things are edible but other things not? What role does food play in constructing people’s identity? What do we know about the origins of agriculture, and why some societies chose not to engage in it? Is there more to food than just nutrition? Does cannibalism exist and how might we explain it? And what, if anything links raw, rotten and cooked foods?

To answer these questions and give you the chance of learning more about Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford in general, the course will be structured around a mixture of interactive talks, practical hands-on sessions and visits to museums and laboratories.