Studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, or a closely related subject
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 5
14 - 18 April, 28 July - 1 August

There is no better way to work out whether Biochemistry at Oxford is right for you than to dive in at the deep end and spend a week balancing a new subject and a new city. Biochemistry isn’t normally studied in schools, so the experience that UNIQ offers is invaluable. You will be encouraged to develop your ability to work independently and to direct your own study, both of which are key aspects of student life.

During the week you will have access to the fantastic resources that Oxford has to offer, like our state of the art teaching laboratories. You will spend a couple of afternoons in the lab doing some of the first year experiments such as purifying proteins and testing your own DNA. These labs are the best way to get over any nerves you may have concerning the practical aspect of the course, giving you a chance to make the necessary mistakes whilst building up your confidence and knowledge base.

There are a seminars on a diverse range of topics, all of which are relevant to the first year undergraduate course. You will also have the chance to go through aspects of the course that you find particularly interesting with your ambassador (a current Biochemistry student), who will help you prepare for your first tutorial. Tutorials are a distinctive element of an Oxford education and can feel similar to an interview, in that you will be chatting and exchanging ideas about Biochemistry with an Oxford academic.

A selection of preparatory reading will be provided by UNIQ one month before you arrive in Oxford.