Biomedical Sciences

Studying at least 2 of: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths to A2
Further Requirements: 
6 GCSEs at grade A* (or equivalent) required
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 13
7 - 11 July

The UNIQ Biomedical Sciences course gives you a taste of the undergraduate BMS course – looking at how the human body functions in health and disease.

Being an undergraduate course with such a wide range of topics, from genetics to experimental psychology to organ systems, you get to sample a large selection of the kind of topics available for study. It’s an exciting course that gives you the chance to study the treatment of disease, with topics including modern molecular, cellular and systems biology, and neuroscience.

Have you ever wondered what areas of the human brain are active during different tasks? Find out at UNIQ by putting a volunteer in a fMRI machine, asking them to perform different tasks and seeing which areas of their brain light up.

During the week you will be given a first year lecture on the structure and function of the stomach and at the end of the week you will have a tutorial to discuss this and ponder further questions that nobody yet knows the answer to.

Leading researchers will also talk to you about their work, telling you about research like the science behind sleep cycles and the action of stem cells in the heart. Practical classes will give you the opportunity to look at human brains at look at the response of the lungs to different physiological situations. You will also investigate how hormones are involved in the body’s response to stress.