Biomedical Sciences

  • students in a lab

Dates of course:

Sunday 23rd June - Wednesday 26th June 2024 


Course description:

The UNIQ Biomedical Sciences course gives you a taste of the undergraduate BMS course – looking at how the human body functions in health and disease. Being an undergraduate course with such a wide range of topics, from genetics to experimental psychology to organ systems, you get to sample a large selection of the kind of topics available for study. It’s an exciting course that gives you the chance to study the treatment of disease, with topics including modern molecular, cellular and systems biology, and neuroscience.

During the week, you will observe a first year lecture and learn how tutorials at Oxford work. Leading scientists will talk to you about their work, and you will have the opportunity to question them about diverse topics such as the science behind sleep cycles, how we can use fruit flies to understand development, and the involvement of hormones in stress. Throughout, current students will be available as UNIQ ambassadors to reassure, expand, and provide a more personal perspective on the course.


Course requirements:

Studying at least 2 of the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths to A2