Archaeology and Anthropology

Dates of course:

Sunday 23rd June - Wednesday 26th June 2024 


Course description:

The UNIQ Archaeology and Anthropology course offers an insight into what it’s like to study for this joint degree programme at Oxford. 

Together, archaeology and anthropology provide us with the tools to examine and explain human behaviour, understand how society functions and to explore how different countries, places and cultures interact. They also help us analyse the drivers and implications of a changing world, learn from the past and apply those lessons to the present. The UNIQ Archaeology and Anthropology course includes a mix of lectures, interactive workshops and museum visits that invite you to consider the richness and diversity of the human cultural experience through space and time and engage with big questions about issues that matter to societies across the globe. Study with us and see the world in a different way!


Course requirements:

The BA Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford remains one of the most diverse, interdisciplinary degrees for undergraduate students in the UK and offers students a deep engagement with approaches across the sciences and arts.  This course would therefore suit those studying arts and science subjects and there is no specific combination of subjects required for admission. A* grades are not essential.