Computer Science

Studying Maths to A2
Further Requirements: 
Studying Further Maths to A2 is strongly recommended
Available Places: 
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 10
15 July - 20 July 2018

This UNIQ course is a taste of the mathematical, scientific and engineering principles underlying every kind of computing system.

To be a good Computer Science student, you need to have a curiosity about how things work, and the ability to use maths to solve problems.

Throughout the week you will be introduced to theories and concepts in lectures, backed up and demonstrated in practical sessions in the labs, in the Department of Computer Science. You will have the chance to learn and write programs, as well as exploring new areas of maths beyond that studied at school.

The undergraduate course at Oxford University covers topics on a wide range of software and hardware technologies and their applications.

The course will help you gain practical problem-solving and program design skills and equip you with the fundamental understanding and practical skills needed by future leaders within the field.