Studying English Literature or English Language and Literature to A2
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 6
7 - 11 April, 28 July - 1 August

Working with three core texts, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Wordsworth’s The Prelude and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, you will attend lectures and seminars that introduce ideas of autobiography, literary self-consciousness, colonialism, and the ways writers talk about the process of writing itself.

You will be encouraged to develop your own critically informed response to the reading and continue your exploration in private study time, with access to the fantastic resources of the English faculty and the Bodleian Libraries.

During the week you will work on an essay and you will also have the opportunity to develop your writing skills in specially designed editing and writing workshops. We want you to enjoy some new literary experiences and also to extend your confidence in written and spoken argument, to help you make a competitive application to the University.