Experimental Psychology

Studying one or more Science or Mathematics to A2 (which can include Psychology)
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 10
30 June - 4 July

The UNIQ Experimental Psychology course is a bite-sized version of the course that is taught at Oxford. It’s a great insight into the range of ways psychology is studied at a university, because you get to experience the same lectures, labs and libraries that first year students experience.

During the week you will attend lectures which look at different aspects of human behaviour. What factors affect the way people interact with one another; what influences psychological development as infants; and the effects of different psychological disorders on our everyday lives, are just a few of the subjects covered.

You will also have opportunities to move out of the lecture theatre to give you an idea of how actual researchers approach the subject. You will take part in computer based labs where you are both the participants and experimenters for research currently being conducted in the department. You also get to take part in a wet lab, in which you learn about the functions of different parts of the human brain through direct contact with it. There is an opportunity to visit the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre at the local hospital, allowing you to see how the machines work and how more modern procedures can be used in science.

You take part in a real tutorial: small group sessions where a few students sit with their lecturer to talk through a topic you learnt about during the week. During these sessions you develop your understanding of the subject and build up the analytical skills useful for studying psychology at university.

The week is packed full of opportunities to gain a better understanding of the diverse nature of psychology and find out if it really is the course for you.