Studying a language, a science, or Mathematics at A-level may be helpful
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30 - 4 July

Have you ever wondered why a child might say ‘I sleeped’ rather than ‘I slept’? Or how a sentence can have more than one meaning? Or why speakers of the same language can sound so different from one another? These are exactly the kind of questions that linguists seek to answer.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Linguists aim to describe and understand the structure of language, how it changes over time, and how it is used; they are not concerned with enforcing ‘rules’ of grammar that say how language should be, nor do they necessarily speak a lot of different languages. If you’re interested in studying language in all its aspects, then Linguistics is the subject you’re looking for!

This UNIQ course will introduce you to Linguistics and in particular how it is taught at Oxford. There will be a session on General Linguistics to introduce you to the subject, as well as separate sessions focusing on Phonetics and Phonology and Grammatical Analysis. Together these will prepare you for a Linguistics tutorial on the final day of the course. You’ll also get valuable insights into the admissions process for Linguistics at Oxford.