Dates of course:

Sunday 7th July - Wednesday 10th July 2024
Sunday 21st July - Wednesday 24th July 2024
*This course is running multiple weeks. Successful applicants will be informed of which week they have been allocated.


Course description:

If you want an insight into the six years of Oxford Medicine, you need look no further than UNIQ. Lectures are representative of those given during the first year of the six-year Medicine course, and are delivered by current lecturers, giving you a direct insight into what to expect as a medical student here. This is particularly useful since the Oxford course is rather different to other medical degrees in its strong emphasis in the first three years on the science that makes medicine possible. So it’s a great opportunity to see if this format really is what you’re looking for!
A mock tutorial during the middle of the week gives you the chance to understand what tutorials are like and how undergraduate students would typically prepare for one. The demonstration interview will hopefully make you realise that an Oxford interview is nothing to be afraid of. A number of broader sessions, e.g. on what it’s like to be a doctor in the 21st century, could help you think about what kind of a medical professional you might like to become. Throughout, current medical students will be available as UNIQ ambassadors to reassure, expand, and provide a more personal perspective on the course.
We process between 700 and 900 applications for this UNIQ course each year for 80 places, and the academic standard together with our other selection points is very high.


Course requirements: