Materials Science

Studying Maths and Physics to A2
Further Requirements: 
Chemistry or Further Maths are useful but not essential
Available Places: 
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 4
1 July - 6 July 2018

This UNIQ course is a great opportunity to experience a subject that is not offered at A-Level but uses concepts across a broad spectrum of subjects from maths to chemistry to engineering to even biology! If you are interested in physics and chemistry, this course is definitely worth exploring. The aim of the course is to give you a brief insight into this unique subject, and to break down those conventional physics, chemistry, maths subject separations.

You’ll start most days with lectures on captivating (and advancing) topics such as molecular modelling, photovoltaic cells and materials for nuclear fusion, then move onto a more practical element in the afternoons, this could include characterising materials, mechanical property testing or possibly an open ended investigation! A few tips on interviews and admissions can also be picked up during the week.

The week concludes with the highlight of the course: a group design and build project. This project directly relates to the undergraduate course, where in Third Year you undertake a team design project, and develops skills such as decision making, commercial awareness and teamwork.