Human Sciences

Studying Biology or Mathematics to A2 are helpful with this course
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8 July - 13 July 2018

Human Sciences is one of UNIQ’s most diverse and individual courses. Throughout the week you’ll be able to get involved in studying humans at a variety of levels from societal interactions to the physiology of the body. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Human Scientist background, both arts and science subjects lend themselves well to the course especially a mix of two. It is, however, useful to have studied Biology in sixth form.

The course is ideal for anyone who has an interest in the ‘big’ problems facing human populations today and looking for solutions from them from a variety of angles and disciplines. You may never have heard of Human Sciences before but it may actually provide an interesting alternative to the more ‘traditional’ subjects of medicine, biology, geography etc.

The UNIQ course is taught through lectures and supplemented by discussion based classes and two trips (the Museum of Natural History and Wytham Woods). Spending a week as a Human Scientist will develop your analytical skills, and in particular help you to approach problems from an inter-disciplinary perspective. UNIQ will give you a taste of as much as possible in the time constraint. Last year’s course included human ecology, anthropology, human evolution, sociology, physiology, health and disease.