Studying Physics and Mathematics to A2 or equivalent
Further Requirements: 
5 A* GCSE (or equivalent) required
Available Places: 
Places to Applicants: 
1 in 11
8 July - 13 July 2018

UNIQ physics is a great insight into the life of an Oxford physics student, packed into one week. You will be introduced to new topics such as special relativity, see what lab work is like at Oxford and experience an Oxford tutorial.

The focus of the course will be on exploring new areas by extending your knowledge from maths and physics at school. As is typical at Oxford, you will have lectures most mornings. You will explore what dark energy is and what it means for our universe. Special relativity lectures will include how the time shown on your watch changes depending on how fast you are travelling. There will even be fun practical demonstrations showing superconductivity in action.

In the practical labs, you will work on a first year electronics practical, which involves making your own light display. There are always plenty of demonstrators on hand and you can even take the circuit away with you.

The academic highlight of any Oxford week are tutorials, where you will go through a set of problems with a tutor and one other student. The problems will encourage you to apply what you have learnt in lectures in new or unfamiliar ways. Although the problems may at first seem challenging, the tutor will give hints to guide you through the problem. They are also a great opportunity to ask questions and find out about topics which interest you.