Dates of course:

Sunday 30th June - Wednesday 3rd July 2024


Course description:

Historians research, analyse and interpret the past – often as a way of understanding the present.  They study periods of change, such as wars and revolutions but also times of stability – whether of empires or social structures like the family. History is about everything. It is about the big events and powerful people but it is also about the people and events that don’t leave much evidence behind. This course is designed to give you a taste of what history at Oxford has to offer. You will experience lectures, discussion classes and undertake independent research ready for your first tutorial. 
The Faculty of History at Oxford strives to create an environment in which everyone – at every academic level from undergraduate to professor can fulfil their potential. Apply to join the history UNIQ course now and realise your academic potential. 


Course requirements:

Applications from students studying History to A2 level are especially welcome