History of Art

Dates of course:

Sunday 23rd June - Wednesday 26th June 2024


Course description:

This course demonstrates the breadth of images and objects that can be studied in the History of Art B.A. course at the University of Oxford. Engaging selected works from Oxford collections—from Japanese prints and European paintings, to Buddhist sculpture, artefacts from the Pacific Northwest, and photographs—will allow you to think about different cultures, the objects they produce, what kinds of meanings they have, how they were used, and how these uses have changed over time. The course leads you to consider a variety of visual environments, from the ancient to the contemporary, and ask questions about where visual stimuli come from and how we react to them.
During the week you will attend presentations followed by Q&A chats with tutors and museum curators, as well as participate in tutorials and classes. The course will teach you how to research, analyse, and discuss your interpretation of a visual object, in the process suggesting what it is like to be a History of Art student at Oxford. There will also be sessions introducing you to the History of Art programme as a whole and the admissions process.


Course requirements: