• Biology UNIQ

Dates of course:

Sunday 7th July - Wednesday 10th July 2024


About Biology at Oxford:

Biology is an exciting and rapidly developing subject area with relevance to addressing global challenges, from disease and poverty to biodiversity loss and climate change. Studying Biology at Oxford will provide you with new insights into the natural world, and equips you with skills to tackle these challenges.
The Oxford Biology course encourages a cross-disciplinary approach. The first year gives everyone a broad understanding of the subjects while the second and third years allow you to study a comprehensive range of topics, including aspects of animal, plant, cell, molecular, and ecological sciences. The option to continue onto a fourth year provides you with the opportunity to specialise into a particular area through a research project.


Course description:

The UNIQ Biology course will give you an insight into what being an undergraduate biologist at Oxford is like. Each day has a theme reflecting the options on offer on the degree course, which is taught by the Department of Biology.

In the UNIQ Biology Course, you may expect to experience: 

  • lectures covering topics typically found in the course
  • hands-on experience and activities relating to studying the natural world, such as animal, ecological, and conservation research
  • workshops with partner organisations such as the Botanic Gardens and Natural History Museum
  • lab-based practicals to provide insights into the molecular aspects of biology
  • face-to-face experience of the tutorial system of Oxford, and what its like to study Biology in a college with a dedicated tutor
  • talks on the wider course stucture & fieldtrips, admissions process, career options in Biology and the Oxford interview


Course requirements:

You must be studying Biology to A2, as well as either Maths, Physics or Chemistry, in order to apply to this course. This is in line with the subject requirements for the MBiol in Biology.


Please note, there other are dedicated Human Sciences, Biomedical, Psychology and Medicine UNIQ courses (see here). Applicants to the Biology course should have an interest in pursuing subjects covered by Oxford’s Biology undergraduate degree to make the most out of this course.


Course Video: