Earth Sciences

Dates of course:

Sunday 14th July - Wednesday 17th July 2024


Course description:

Ever wondered about the origins of Earth, the origins of life on Earth, or the mechanics that shaped the planet we call home? Earth Sciences attempts to answer these questions, as well as a multitude of others.
The UNIQ course gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the science behind our planet. During the week, you will attend lectures and participate in group discussions on Earth Sciences. Lectures will cover a broad range of topics including plate tectonics, volcanology, seismology, palaeontology, mineralogy, planetary geology, geophysics and oceanography. Group sessions will allow students to explore the methods and mechanics behind the themes in lectures, with help from experts and postgraduate demonstrators.
Since Earth Sciences is not an option at A level or IB, this course aims to give you a good representation of the areas explored in the undergraduate course. It also aims to develop your analytical skills and communication skills and to give context to basic concepts you may have covered in physics, maths or chemistry.


Course requirements:

This course is fantastic for anyone that enjoys maths, physics, chemistry, geology or biology, and wants a degree that offers an applied combination as opposed to a pure subject.
Although not essential to take this UNIQ course, In order to take Earth Sciences at degree level at Oxford you must have Maths and one of either Physics or Chemistry at A Level.