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Dates of course:

*This course is running multiple weeks. Successful applicants will be informed of which week they have been allocated.


Course description:

Engineers apply creative reasoning, science and maths to real problems.
On this UNIQ course, you will have the chance to sample the sheer scale of the application of engineering science, from robotics to uses in medicine and transport.
There will be a chance to learn about the engineering principles of a topic, and then have an exciting opportunity to put the theory to the test by designing, prototyping and then testing the build-work you have done. From driverless cars and engineered prosthetics to tidal turbines for capturing clean energy and novel wireless communication techniques, participants are exposed to the breadth of possibilities that a degree, and career, in engineering can offer. You will be guided through the course by friendly subject ambassadors, offering an insight into student life as an undergraduate engineer at Oxford.


Course requirements:

You must be studying Maths and Physics to A2 in order to apply to this course.