If you want an insight into the six years of Oxford Medicine, you need look no further than UNIQ. Lectures are representative of those given during the six-year Medicine course, and are delivered by current lecturers, giving you a direct insight into what to expect as a medical student here. This is particularly useful since the Oxford course is rather different to other medical degrees, so it’s a great opportunity to see if this format really is what you’re looking for. A mock tutorial gives you the chance to understand what tutorials are like and how undergraduate students would typically prepare for one.

We process hundreds of applications for this UNIQ course each year for few places, and the academic standard together with our other selection points is very high. This makes us statistically more competitive than the medicine undergraduate course at Oxford. If you have lower than 3 A* at GCSE (or equivalent) we strongly encourage you to look at our other courses on offer, particularly those within our medical sciences section.

To apply for this course you must be studying Chemistry and at least one of Biology, Physics or Maths to A2 or equivalent.