Philosophy, Politics & Economics

Dates of course:

Sunday 14th July - Wednesday 17th July 2024

Course description:

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) UNIQ course is open to anyone who is interested in the three subjects. You do not need to have studied Philosophy or Politics or Economics before.
PPE UNIQ is likely to appeal to you if you are interested in at least two of the PPE subjects, and also enjoy challenging assumptions or trying to think in new ways. During the course you will: be given lectures by PPE academics; be asked to write a short essay or essay plan; and attend a tutorial at the end of the week.
In the past, lectures have been on topics like banking reform, the legitimacy of the law, the ethics of killing innocent civilians in war, the economics of chocolate, and British elections. You will have the opportunity to explore the ideas of the lectures through an essay or essay plan and discuss them further in a tutorial. 
The tutorial is the opportunity to learn more about a distinctive and highly rewarding aspect of Oxford undergraduate teaching.


Course requirements:

Maths is recommended and History is helpful – but neither is essential.