UNIQ Courses

The UNIQ Programme allows you the opportunity to explore your favourite subject at Oxford. In Module Three you will have the exciting opportunity to delve into the academic life at Oxford, taking part in sessions delivered online by Oxford academics and supported by current students.

When you apply to UNIQ you will have a choice of a First and Second choice course. You will be selecting from a list of over 30 courses. The courses are divided into two types, a specific academic course or a more general ‘An Introduction to…’ course. Choosing a course is an important decision for every student so please look at the courses descriptions below before making your decision.

Are you interested in UNIQ but not sure what course to study?

If you are you are not sure what specific course you are interested in you can instead choose to apply for the more general ‘An Introduction to…’ course. These courses are broken into four general subject areas, the Humanities, Medical Sciences, MPLS (Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences) and the Socials Sciences. In these four courses, you will get the opportunity to explore many academic subjects within the subject area at once and will receive support on choosing the course you want to apply for at university.

Some courses will be less familiar to you as they are not offered at school but they might be a great choice for you given your interests and career aspirations. Try clicking on some of the subjects below to see which UNIQ courses these relate to.