UNIQ Courses

After completing our Let's Oxplore and Oxford Is modules, UNIQ students are ready to progress to our Academic courses. UNIQ allows you the opportunity to explore your favourite subject at Oxford, taking part in sessions delivered by Oxford academics and supported by current students.

When you apply to UNIQ you are asked to select your first and second choice of courses. There are many to choose from. We offer 30+ subject specific UNIQ courses which will be delivered face to face in Oxford. We will also offer online academic courses that provide an introduction to a range of related Oxford subjects. If you choose a UNIQ single subject course that is very over subscribed, you may be offered a place on an online course as an alternative. All students allocated to online courses are also placed on the reserve list for UNIQ residential courses.

Choosing a course is an important decision for every student, so please look at the course descriptions below before making your decision. Some courses will be less familiar to you as they are not offered at school, but they might be a great choice for you given your interests and career aspirations. Try clicking on some of the subjects below to see which UNIQ courses these relate to.